Aventura Parc – Brasov, Romania

Instead of cutting down forests to make space for shopping malls, why not make a natural amusement park - Aventura Park, Brasov, Romania

Romania is home to Eastern Europe’s largest adventure park. If you travel to Brasov, why not spend an afternoon outdoors at the foot of the Carpathian mountains? Climb through the trees at your own pace and level. And don’t miss out on the over 300m long zip-line that takes you over a lake! This is a tourist sight off the beaten track, so happy adventuring!


16 thoughts on “Aventura Parc – Brasov, Romania

  1. I’ve done this in both Estonia and Finland. We even did it for one friend’s bachelorette party 😀 These adventure parks are popping up everywhere here in Finland. It’s lots of fun!

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