Winter Wonderland – Piatra Craiului Mountains

Dambovicioara, Romania. A village in the southern foothills of the CarpathianĀ Mountains. About three hours from Bucharest, one from Brasov, just south of Magura (from my last post) and the Bran Castle (infamously known as Dracula’s castle).

About half hour from Dambovicioara we (barely) reached the cabin we had rented out, Cabana Pietricica (Pebble Cabin). Getting our cars up to this house was quite the adventure. It included slipping around on the icy forester’s road and pushing said cars. Thankfully, we were an adventurous bunch.

Our cabin had heating: fires in fireplaces and electricity: from a generator that was running out of fuel. Basic conditions, but all you need for a weekend away from the city. We were far away from civilization in a winter wonderland. The only sign of other humans in this corner of the world was a sheepfold with the shepherd’s cottage, deserted for the winter. But the beauty of nature was more than enough. I think you’ll agree.