Brasov, Romania

When I moved back to Romania, I knew one thing: I had had enough of the traffic and chaos of big cities. Don’t get me wrong, Toronto is an amazing city, but living there made me realize I’m more of a small city girl. Imagining that Bucharest was even more chaotic than Toronto, I wanted to stay away (although that didn’t last too long and I don’t regret my change of heart). I was considering moving to Brasov, a small city at the foot of the Carpathians, with its less than 300,000 inhabitants and intricate history written into every aspect of the city. I didn’t know much about it, before deciding to move there, so I went to walk around the town center on a warm autumn day. This is what I saw and the city won me over. Had you been in my place, would you have made the same decision?



38 thoughts on “Brasov, Romania

    • I totally agree! It has such a good balance between a quaint, historical city and a modern place with so much to do! Also one of my favourite places in Romania, although I haven’t enjoyed a proper visit in a while. Maybe sometime soon 🙂


  1. So… have you decided on Brasov? I can recommend it – as my nearest city I think I’m lucky to have a beautiful urban environment (the old centre, anyway) circled by glorious natural environments. It has become a European city with all the trappings of consumerism, but with a level of culture and art to keep a body sane and entertained…

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