11 thoughts on “A Glimpse into Romania’s Capital

    • Hi! Glad to hear you’re coming to Bucharest. I definitely recommend a walk around the old town, making sure to see the Atheneum, the formal Royal Palace, the Parliament, Victoriei Avenue, and the Lipscani area. And enjoy a night out in Lipscani – the night life’s great! How long are you here for?

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      • Hello. I just got back to Bulgaria. I ended up spending just one day and half in Bucharest as I ended up traveling north to Azuga, Sinaia and Bran, also passing through Brasov. I didn’t have enough free time to get to see all of Bucharest. I had the complete tour to the Palace of the Parliament, I enjoyed the Christmas Bazar next to the Parliament, I had the famous walk through Calea Victorae to the Arch of Triumph and I watched the christmas lights, I enjoyed good food, I had a walk in Carol Park and visited the Technic Museum and I also checked the Bucharest Delta. As I said, not enough time. I still want to enjoy a night out in Bucharest and I have some more places to visit such as Herestrau Park and the Village Museum that was on my plans, the Atheneum and several other places.

        Thanks a lot for all the tips, however I just read it now !

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          • As impressive i’d say the Palace of the Parliament, it’s definitely a great building, a huge construction. Everybody should visit at least once. Other thing I really liked was all the Christmas lights, not only in Bucharest but in every town in Romania. Bucharest is also on the TOP countries for Christmas Lights in 2016, and I could definitely see that while walking the city. I’m betting in 2017 it’s going to look amazing too 🙂

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          • I didn’t know about Bucharest making the list for the Top Christmas lights cities in the world, but I’m glad you let me know. The lights have been getting nicer with every passing year, so I’m shouldn’t be too surprised 🙂

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