Winter Adventures: Poaina Brasov and around

My five days of snowboarding in Romania’s most famous ski resort, Poaina Brasov, were not limited to the slopes. Accommodations were in the nearby town of Rasnov, evenings were spent in Brasov, and when a storm closed off all ski lifts, one day was spent hiking in the mountains.

What can I say about the resort? Good service, great prices, slopes for all levels, and a few long runs – almost 5 kilometers! Yes, I realize that my use of long is subjective. My reference point is not the Alps, Rockies or anything of the sort, rather it is the reference point of any Torontonian – the 2 minute runs of the Blue Mountain Ski Resort. However, if you are in Romania for the winter and want to hit the slopes, I do recommend Poiana Brasov. And if you’re not big on winter sports, at least take the cable car up for the magnificent view.



12 thoughts on “Winter Adventures: Poaina Brasov and around

  1. I couldn’t help laughing at the reference to the 2 min Blue Mountain runs. Yes, we were there just two weeks ago, when the temperature went up as high as 10 C and 12 C and it rained, ruining the slopes. In February. Sigh. I am adding Poiana BraΘ™ov to my bucket list

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    • Thanks for your visit and comment! So glad to have a reader who got the quip about Blue Mountain. πŸ˜€ Europe hasn’t had much of a ski season this year either because of the weather. Poiana Brasov is pretty high up in the mountains so it helps. I’m currently in TO and it seems like the coming weekend will be better for skiing. See you on the slopes?


  2. Superb, ca de obicei. Ca sa folosesc limba de lemn :)) Faci o buna propaganda Hahaha… Avem cu ce, n-avem cu cine, din pacate. Eu am fost la Predeal in vacanta, alta zona superba, dar neingrijita 😦

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  3. I loved this post! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your Romanian blog because I will be living and working in Brasov starting in July! Although I hope by then the snow will be melted! πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to check out more of your other posts. Your pictures are so stunning as well!

    Feel free to check out my blog about my volunteer program in Romania at

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