Steam Train Ride – Maramures, Romania

Maramures, Romania. The keeper of traditions. This northern region of the country is famous for its people still wearing traditional, handmade clothing on Sundays and holidays. It’s recognized for its unique wooden houses and churches, some over 500 years old and declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The people, however, often make the biggest impression. They are incredibly welcoming and warm, natural hosts that make everyone feel like part of the family.

Now, I’d like present to you the Mocanita Steam Train in Viseu de Sus village. You leave in the morning, chugging slowly up the mountain valley, have a lunch break surrounded by nature and descend again to be back in the village by mid-afternoon. A unique chance to experience the train ride of a lifetime through lush-green forests. And keep an eye out for the Maramures carved wooden gate, the emblem of the region, which you typically only find standing tall in front of the traditional houses.


38 thoughts on “Steam Train Ride – Maramures, Romania

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  2. I was recently introduced to Baia Mare in Maramures. It is a beautiful scenic region. I didn’t know about the steam train. Thanks for the article and pictures. For me the main attraction for Romania is romantic.

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    • Yes, Maramures is very scenic and it does have a certain romance to it. The Mocanita Steam Train is in the eastern side of the region, so about 2 hours from Baia Mare. The region doesn’t seem too big, but there’s so much to see and do ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Hello expat,

    My husband and I are planning on taking a tour of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania this summer but we are concerned about the gypsy kidnappings as we will be traveling with our blessed grandson and a close family friend who is originally from Romania told us that this used to be a big problem when he was a child (children used to get abducted by traveling gypsies and forced to beg on the streets).

    The travel advisory only warns against pickpockets but our Romanian friend insists that abductions are an issue not to be treated lightly. Do you think it’s safe to travel with a 10 year old who has never traveled abroad before?

    Thank you and God bless!

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    • Hi Leslie,
      Thanks for your visit to my blog. I understand your friend’s concern as this used to be a problem in Eastern Europe many years ago. However, even when it was a problem, it was an exaggerated one. The kidnapping Gypsies were the equivalent of the North American boogie-man … often used to scare children into behaving. This is definitely not something you should worry about. Obviously, keep an eye on your grandchild as you would in any public place, but definitely take him with you. He’s going to love it! Also, if you need any assistance planning your itinerary or have other questions about traveling in Romania, don’t hesitate to contact me: Have a great trip! ๐Ÿ™‚


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